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WordPress themes for webmonkeys

When I recently started looking for contracting web work for the first time in 10 years, I realised one useful skill to pick up would be writing WordPress themes: While I’ve not been looking it seems it has pretty much won the blog wars and along the way became a common CMS choice for smallContinue Reading

Why my new WordPress themes suck

So, pretty much as soon as I posted my first themes, ‘Kernel’ and ‘Jane Sexy Legs’, I realised they were flawed, and fatally so. In my attempt to find a theme with markup as close my definition of semantic as I could, I didn’t spend enough time checking out the PHP of the candidates. Considering I plannedContinue Reading

My first WordPress theme(s)

I recently decided to learn the basics of making WordPress templates, having discovered it would be a useful extra bullet in the chamber when seeking contract work: In the 7 or so years since I last did that it seems WordPress has became not only the most common blog platform, but also a popular CMSContinue Reading