So, pretty much as soon as I posted my first themes, ‘Kernel’ and ‘Jane Sexy Legs’, I realised they were flawed, and fatally so.

In my attempt to find a theme with markup as close my definition of semantic as I could, I didn’t spend enough time checking out the PHP of the candidates. Considering I planned to rewrite the markup anyway, this was particularly dumb. When I got to the nitty gritty of adding conditionals to various sections, to ensure for example that empty tags didn’t appear, I kept finding myself in parts of the WordPress documentation marked as deprecated. Eventually it dawned on me I’d picked a theme written for WP2 (it’s currently at 3.x), and it not only used old parts of the API, but was missing several new shiny bits, for example comment threading. Oops.

So what to do? I could redo it, using “TwentyTen” (the WordPress 3 reference theme) as a starting point, and I may yet actually do that. However it’ll take about a day, and right now I have other things to focus on and, as Fraser pointed out in the comments last time, someone’s already done it, albeit in HTML5.

So apologies to those who were enthusiastic here and on Twitter, but from my point of view I think this has added to the learning experience – which after all was the point.

Here’s to selfish silver linings!