From the archives of jobs gone by, I thought this little known doc might be of interest: The matrix of factors to be considered in deprecating browsers from the BBC’s browser support standard.

Alongside the BBC website visitor stats this chart (from the appendix of the BBC’s browser support standard) aims to provide a clear framework for discussion around dropping support for old (or picking up support for new) browsers.

As most web folk will know this is a source of constant bickering in the industry. Multiply this by the BBC’s public service remit and you have a recipe for some very long meetings, in one of which we were passed the suggestion of maintaining support for an old version of Safari because “mac users complain a lot”. Hmm.

I felt it was time we worked through the various factors that should be considered, and made a stab at their relative importance. This chart was the result.

While it doesn’t replace the discussions (there’s always be a special case or two to consider) anything that helps scope them and provide clarity is a win in my book.

Now – which of you Mac users wish to pick holes in it? 😉